Friday, December 31, 2010

Enable Multi Language - NLS with Oracle Applications 11i

How to enable Mutilple languages (NLS) with Oracle Applications 11i instance

The below process guides through the step by step process of enable multi language in Oracle Ebiz - 11i instance.
Have taken French as example language to enable in the below steps, You can choose the language you wish to enable in the oracle applications.

Follow the below process to enable the NLS, Please note the base language will be English only.

1)Install the required Language (French) from OAM.

Enabling the Arabic from OAM, folllow the below steps

Login to OAM as a sysadmin -> sitemap -> License Manager -> License -> Languages And license the following language

Enable the "French"

Make sure you should not change the base language, it should be english.

2)Validate the language activated

Login to application with apps user and execute the below command.


Make sure you get below result.

2. French

Here base lang is American

3)Stop the Oracle application services

cd $OAD_TOP/admin/scripts
./ apps/apps

4)Run Maintain Multi-lingual Tables

AD Administration Main Menu > Maintain Applications Database Entities Menu using adadmin.

5)Run Update current view snapshot from adadmin

adadmin -> Maintain Applications Files -> Maintain snapshot information -> Update current view snapshot)

6)Run the Translation Synchronization Patch utility (

Login to applmgr user in application tier, make sure enviorment is sourced properly and execute the following command

perl $AD_TOP/bin/

Above command will genertate the manifest file which you need to upload to support. Menifist file will be on following location:


7)Upload the manifest file to oracle support, use the below steps.

Upload the adgennls.txt file to make sure you give your exact email id.
Once you upload the file, select the option Get Latest Translstions and click on next it will provide you the patch number which support is going to generate for NLS syncronization.

A Translation synchronization patch will be generated specifically based on your manifest for each of your active language. The patch will synchronize the language file versions and American English file versions in your Applications instance.
Note : it is suggested option: If you select the option to get latest translations, the patch will also bring your translations up-to-date.

If you do not receive any email regarding your request within 48 hours, you may contact Oracle Support for assistance.

this patch will generate NLS media patck, it will take some time to generate

8)Apply the Translation Synchronization patch

Follow the instructions in the README file to apply the patch.

note: Before Applying patch make sure enough space in appl top directory, patch initially copy all required files to appl top create new lang patch Choose a directory that contains enough space for the NLS updates (about 10 GB for each language Minimum).

9)AD Administration utility to generate message files from the Generate Applications Files menu.

10)Compile the invalid objects using utlrp.

11)Complie Forms and Reports

12)Complile Apps schema and validate apps schema

13)Bring up the applications services


  1. IF you share the same with R12.. it would be great

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    These actions holds good for R12 also you can use them,

    will try to update for R12 soon...


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