Friday, December 31, 2010

Socket to Servlet conversion - Oracle Apps 11i

A)How to identify the Forms connect mode:

grep -i connectMode $COMMON_TOP/html/bin/appsweb_$CONTEXT_NAME.cfg

If the above command returns connect mode as http/https -> The forms are running in Servlet Mode:

If the above command returns connect mode as socket -> The forms are running in Socket Mode:

Socket to Servlet conversion (vice - versa) - Oracle Apps 11i

A)In Servlet mode the context file values looks like the following:

<server_url oa_var="s_forms_servlet_serverurl">/forms/formservlet</server_url>

<servlet_comment oa_var="s_forms_servlet_comment"/>

<forms_connect oa_var="s_frmConnectMode">https</forms_connect>

B)In Socket mode the context file values looks like the following:


<server_url oa_var="s_forms_servlet_serverurl"/>

<servlet_comment oa_var="s_forms_servlet_comment">#</servlet_comment>

<forms_connect oa_var="s_frmConnectMode">socket</forms_connect>

C)Edit the context file as required (servlet or socket) and run the autoconfig to reflect the change

D)Verify the Forms connect mode and start the services

grep -i connectMode $COMMON_TOP/html/bin/appsweb_$CONTEXT_NAME.cfg

check the connectMode socket or http(s)

For more information on socket or servlet mode please go to


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