Monday, December 20, 2010

Sysadmin User Responsibilities Missing

ISSUE: Sysadmin User Responsibilities Missing

In Oracle Applications, when logging as sysadmin - all the Sysadmin User Responsibilities Missing.

To fix this issue please perform the below.

1.) Execute following select :

FROM Fnd_Responsibility_vl
WHERE Application_Id = 1
AND Responsibility_Name = 'System Administrator'
AND Start_Date <= Sysdate
AND ( End_Date is NULL OR End_Date > Sysdate );

2.) Execute following select :

SELECT count(*) FROM Fnd_User_Resp_Groups;

3.a) Create the Backup table :

CREATE TABLE wf_role_hierarchies_copy AS SELECT * FROM wf_role_hierarchies;

3.b) truncate the existing table:

TRUNCATE TABLE applsys.wf_role_hierarchies;

3.c)sqlplus apps/xxxx @$FND_TOP/patch/115/sql/affurgol.sql FORCE

3.d) Insert the data into the new created table :

INSERT INTO wf_role_hierarchies SELECT * FROM wf_role_hierarchies_copy;

4.) Verify the output of the following SQL statement at this point :

SELECT count(*) FROM Fnd_User_Resp_Groups;


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