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Oracle Application DBA Interview Questions - II

Oracle Application DBA 11i Interview Questions - II

1)I am applying a patch , can I open another session and run adadmin ?
Yes, unless you are running a process where workers are involved

2)I am applying a patch , can I open another session in another node and run adpatch?

3)Output & logfiles for requests executed on source instance not working on cloned
Check whether apps listener is running

4)What happens if you don't give cache size while defining concurrent manager?
Most often when a request goes "inactive/no manager" and is then processed a short time
later, the solution is to either increase the cache size for your Standard manger, or increase the actual number of Standard Manager processes that can run. Cache Size is set in the Concurrent/Manager/Define form. Basically, this regulates how many requests a manager will pick up for each sleep cycle.

5)Why should Apps & Applsys passwords always be the same?
The need to have the same password for Apps and Applsys is because when you sign on
to apps, intially it connects to a public schema called APPLSYSPUB. This validates
AOL username and password that we enter (operations/welcome using guest user
account. Once this is verified we select responsibility, this is validated by APPLSYS
schema and then it connects to APPS schema.

 Since it uses both applsys and apps during signon process this expects both the password
to be identical. Try changing apps password to something else and try to login, the
validation at the last stage would fail. This would result in failure of application login.
Apps is a universal schema has synonyms to all base product tables and sequences. This
also has code objects for all products (triggers, views, packages, synonyms etc.).
Applsys schema has applications technology layer products like FND and AD etc.

6)How to Complie Invalid Objects?

alter package <package_name> compile ;alter package <packae_ame> compile body;alter view <view_name> compile;



7)Why DB-CM-ADMIN are always insatlled on the same machine in Oracle Applications in Multi Node Installation ?
There is no restriction to install all of them on a single machine,but if we install them on 3 different machines then when we will run any AD utility on admin node or perform any upgradation it needs to access the database so there will be lot of overhead in accessing the database node on network so to avoid this overhead we install them on same machine. Similar is the case when we run any concurrent request on the CM node as Concurrent manager also updates the database objects.

8)What URL you use to access Disco viewer & Disco plus .
http://hostname.domainname:port/discoverer/viewer (10gAS)
http://hostname.domainname:http_port/discoverer/viewer ( R12)
http://hostname.domainname:port/discoverer/plus (10gAS)
9)What is Yellow Bar Warning?
Oracle Applications Release 11.5.1 (11i) requires that its code run in a trusted mode, and
uses J-Initiator to run Java applets on a desktop client. If an applet is "trusted," however,
Java will extend the privileges of the applet. The Yellow Warning Bar is a warning that
your applet is not running in a trusted mode. To indicate that an applet is trusted, it must
be digitally signed using a digital Certificate, so Oracle Applications requires that all Java
archive files must be digitally signed.

10) How to find if any service is listening on particular port or not ?
netstat -an | grep {port no}

11)How can u change the logfiles location suppose CM logfile location is APPLCSF
Ans: Change the Configuration File parameters
change s_applcsf,s_appllog,s_applout variables in XML file and run the autoconfig.

12) Conflict resolution managers resolves the conflicts yes , but hw it knows tht there are conficts?why conflicts occur?
Concurrent managers read request to start concurrent programs running. The Conflict Resolution Manager checks concurrent program definitions for incompatibility rules.

 If a program is identified as Run Alone, then the Conflict Resolution Manager prevents the concurrent managers from starting other programs in the same conflict domain.

When a program lists other programs as being incompatible with it, the Conflict Resolution Manager prevents the program from starting until any incompatible programs in the same domain have completed running.

13)What is adovars.env file ?
The adovars.env file, located in $APPL_TOP/admin, specifies the location of variousfiles such as Java files, HTML files, and JRE (Java Runtime Environment) files. It is called from the main applications environment file.

14) How to find the wordsize (32-bit or 64-bit) of Oracle Database
$cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/bin
$file oracle

15)How to Compile JSP's without using ADADMIN
perl -x $JTF_TOP/admin/scripts/ --compile

16)What is file used for? What's full path of this file? What's significance of this file ?
This file is used by mod_plsql component of Apache to connect to database. So when you type url http://hostname:port/pls/SID , whenever Apache(11i Web Server) finds that request is for /pls/ then Apache delegates this request to mod_pls component which in turn pick this file & check if there is any DAD with name SID

17)Whats main concurrent Manager types.

ICM - Internal Concurrent Manager which manages concurrent ManagersStandard Managers - Which Manage processesing of requests.

CRM - Conflict Resolution Managers , resolve conflicts in case of incompatibility.Transactions Managers - These managers are process for particler business Applications.Custom Concurrent Managers - The managers defined by the users.

18)what are .rf9 files?
These files are used during restart of patch in case of patch failure because of some reason.

Located in $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/restart this folder also contains .bak ,.bk2 filesSAMPLE FILE (adwork012.rf9)
%%% restart file format 11.5.A
Location: $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/log contains .req files

19)Where is appsweb.cfg or appsweb_$CONTEXT.cfg stored & why its used ?
This file is defined by environment variable FORMS60_WEB_CONFIG_FILE This is usually in directory $OA_HTML/bin or $FNS_TOP/Resource on forms tier. This file is used by any forms client session. When a user try to access forms , f60webmx picks up this file and based on this configuration file creates a forms session to user/client.

20)Can you clone from multi node system to single node system & vice versa ?
Yes, This is now supported via Rapid Clone

21)Does rapid clone takes care of oraInventory after clone?
Yes, Rapid Clone will automatically Update Global oraInventory during configuration phase.

22)What is .dbc file , where its stored , whats use of .dbc file ?
dbc file called as database connect descriptor file which stores database connection information used by application tier to connect to database. This file is in directory
$FND_TOP/secure also called as FND_SECURE

23)What are the ways to reduce patch timing?
    Merging patches via admrgpch
    Use various adpatch options like nocompiledb or nocompilejsp
    Use defaults file
    Staged APPL_TOP during upgrades
    Increase batch size (Might result into negative )
24)How you put Applications 11i in Maintenance mode ?
Use adadmin to change Maintenance mode is Oracle Apps. With AD.I you need to enable maintenance mode in order to apply apps patch via adpatch utility. If you don't want to put apps in maintenance mode you can use adpatch options=hotpatch feature.
Also you can use the script $AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/ adsetmmd.sql

25)What are various options available with adpatch ?
Various options available with adpatch depending on your AD version are
autoconfig, check_exclusive, checkfile, compiledb, compilejsp, copyportion, databaseprtion,generateportion, hotpatch, integrity, maintainmrc, parallel, prereq, validate

26)adident utility is used for what ?
adident utility in oracle apps is used to find version of any file . AD Identification.
for ex. "adident Header <filename>

27)What is adsplice utility ?
adsplice in oracle apps is utility to add a new product.

28)How can you licence a product after installation ?
You can use ad utility adlicmgr to licence product in Oracle Apps.

29)What is MRC ? What you do as Apps DBA for MRC ?
MRC also called as Multiple Reporting Currency in oracle Apps. Default you have currency in US Dollars but if your organization operating books are in other currency then you as apps dba need to enable MRC in Apps. How to enable MRC coming soon...

30)Whats is JVM(Java Virtual Machine) and which component uses JVM ?
JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine, JVM acronym for Java Virtual Machine which executes instructions generated by Java compiler. So user click on any Self Service Request or any program which uses Java, then Apache forwards this request to mod_jserv (mod_oc4j in 10g AS) & mod_jserv caters this request with help of JVM.

31)Where to find Apps 11i JVM logs ?
JVM log location is defined in ( found in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/bin) Oracle Apps 11i JVM log file directory is defined by parameter JVMLOGDIR ($IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/logs/jvm ) and log file are defined by STDOUTLOG &
STDERRLOG. Example of JVM log files are OACoreGroup.0.stderr ,OACoreGroup.0.stdout, DiscoGroup.0.stdout, DiscoGroup.0.stderr,XmlSvcsGrp.0.stderr, XmlSvcsGrp.0.stdout
where 0 denotes first JVM & 1 denotes second JVM. stderr records error encountered in JVM & stdout records other information like GC ..

32)How to check JDBC Connection ?
select count(*),module from v$session where program like '%JDBC%' group

33)What is error_log in Apache,what entries are recored in access_log ? Where is default location of this file ?
Error_log will contain all the errors/warnings faced Apache web server in Oracle Apps 11i.
This file location is defined in httpd.conf with default location at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs.

34)What is access_log in apache , what entries are recored in access_log ? Where is default location of this file ?
access_log in Oracle Application Server records all users accessing oracle applications 11i.
This file location is defined in httpd.conf with default location at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs.

35)Where is Jserv configuration files stored ?
Jserv configuration files are stored in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/etc

36)What are main configuration files in Web Server (Apache) ?
Main configuration files in Oracle Apps Web Server are

37)What is session time out parameter & where all you define these values ?
In Apps there are two broad categories of session
- Self Service Application Session ( Server by Web Server iAS Apache & Jserv, like iRecruitment,iProcurement)
- Forms session ( served by your form session, like system Administrator)

What is Session Idle time ?
If Oracle Apps client is not doing any activity for some time session during that time is called as Idle Session & because of security reason, performance issues and to free up system resource Oracle Applications terminates client session( both forms & self service) after idle time value is reached to the one mentioned in configuration file.
From FND.G or 11.5.9 or with introduction of AppsLocalLogin.jsp to enter into application, profile option "ICX Session Timeout" is used only to determine Forms Session Idle timeout value .
This might be confusing as earlier this profile option used to control forms as well as self service application(with session.timeout) session.timeout is used to control Idle session timeout for Self Service Applications ( Served by Jserv via JVM )
From where ICX : Session Timeout & session.timeout get values ?
Autoconfig determines value for profile option "ICX: Session Timeout" and "session.timeout" from entry in context file ( $APPL_TOP/admin/SID_hostname.xml ) with parameter s_sesstimeout
where value mentioned is in milliseconds so profile option ICX: Session Timeout value should be s_sesstimeout/ (1000 * 60) which means here its 10 Minutes. This value is also set in in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/etc where number mentioned is in milli second i.e. 600000 ( equal to 10 Minutes)session.timeout = 600000 session.timeout mentioned in is in milli secondsICX Session Time out mentioned in profile option ICX: Session Timeout is in minutes so ICX session timeout=30 & session.timeout= 1800,000 are same 30 minutes

38)What is your Oracle Apps 11i Webserver Version and how to find it ?
cd $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/bin
./httpd -version
Server version: Oracle HTTP Server Powered by Apache/1.3.19
Server built: Dec 1- 2010 14:59:13 (iAS rollup 5)

39)How to determine Oracle Apps 11i Version ?

SQL>select RELEASE_NAME from fnd_product_groups;

40)What is content of dbc file & why its important ?
DBC file is quite important as whenever Java or any other program like forms want to connect to database it uses dbc file. Typical entry in dbc file is GUEST_USER_PWD ,APPS_JDBC_URL ,DB_HOST

41)There are lot of dbc file under $FND_SECURE, How its determined that which dbc file to use from $FND_SECURE ?
This value is determined from profile option "Applications Database ID"

42)What is RRA/FNDFS ?
Report Review Agent(RRA) also referred by executable FNDFS is default text viewer in Oracle Applications 11i for viewing output files & log files.

43)What is PCP is Oracle Applications 11i ?

PCP is acronym for Parallel Concurrurent Processing. Usually you have one Concurrent Manager executing your requests but if you can configure Concurrent Manager running on two machines (Yes you need to do some additional steps in order to configure Parallel Concurrent Processing) .So for some of your requests primary CM Node is on machine1 and secondary CM node on machine2 and for some requests primary CM is on machine2 & secondary CM on machine1.

44)What is use of Apps listener ?
Apps Listener usually running on All Oracle Applications 11i Nodes with listener alias as APPS_$SID is mainly used for listening requests for services like FNDFS & FNDSM.
FNDFS - FND File Server also known as RRA Reports Review Agent is used to view text files in Oracle 11i.
FNDSM - FND Service Manager is a concurrent manager in GSM, and serves requests like CM's

45)How will you find Invalid Objects in database ?
sql>select count(*) from dba_objects where status like 'INVALID';

46)What is difference between adpatch & opatch ?
adpatch is utility to apply oracle applications patches whereas opatch is utility to apply database patches

47)What is forms server executable Name ?

48)What are different modes of forms in which you can start Forms Server and which one is default ?
You can start forms server in SOCKET or SERVLET by defualt Forms are configured to start in socket mode

49)Where is HTML Cache stored in Oracle Apps Server ?
Oracle HTML Cache is available at $COMMON_TOP/_pages for some previous versions you might find it in $OA_HTML/_pages

50)What is 0 & Y in FNDCPASS, FNDLOAD or WFLOAD ?
0 & Y are flags for FND Executable like FNDCPASS & FNDLOAD where
0 is request id (request ID 0 is assigned to request ID's which are not submitted via Submit Concurrent Request Form.
'Y' indicates the method of invocation. i.e. it is directly invoked from the command-line not from the Submit Request Form.

51)Whats is TWO_TASK in Oracle Database ?
TWO_TASK mocks your tns alias which you are going to use to connect to database. Lets assume you have database client with tns alias defined as PROD to connect to Database PROD on machine listening on port 1521. Then usual way to connect is sqlplus username/passwd@PROD ; now if you don't want to use @PROD then you set
TWO_TASK=PROD and then can simply use sqlplus username/passwd then sql will check that it has to connect to tnsalias define by value PROD i.e. TWO_TASK

52)What is GWYUID ?
GWYUID , stands for Gateway User ID and password. Usually like APPLSYSPUB/PUB

53)Where GWYUID defined & what is its used in Oracle Applications ?
GWYUID is defined in dbc i.e. Database Connect Descriptor file . It is used to connect to database by thin clients.

54)How to check number of forms users at any time ?
Forms Connections initiate f60webmx connections so you can use
ps -ef | grep f60webmx | wc -l

55)What is FNDLOAD and what it is used for ?

56)How can you check which node is running what service?
select * from fnd_nodes;

57)What is difference between Socket & Servlet Mode in Apps Forms ?

58) What is make program in Unix ?
make is utility in Unix/Linux to maintain , update & generate an file mainly executable.

59)What are .ldt & .lct files which you see in apps patch or with FNDLOAD ?

60)What are .odf file in apps patch ?
odf stands for Object Description Files used to create tables & other database objects.


Oracle Application DBA 11i Interview Questions - I

Database Interview Questions


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