Friday, June 24, 2011

Mobile Wireless Applications (MWA) Telnet GUI Client for 11i/R12

To use MWA GUI Client ,The MWA server need to be setup and it must be accessibe from telnet.

The below steps are applicable for both 11i and R12(12.0.X and 12.1.X) Versions, Though the patch is for 11i.

1) Create 2 directories say C:\MWA\lib and C:\MWA\log

2) Extract the patch files from the patch p4205328_11i_GENERIC into C:\MWA\lib

3) Install jdk1.1.8 on your PC

4) Create a batch file say Start_MWA.bat on desktop with the following contents

Open notepad and copy & paste the below content and save it as Start_MWA.bat

set JAVA_TOP=c:\jdk1.1.8
%JAVA_TOP%\bin\java -classpath %JAVA_TOP%\lib\;%MWA_GUI_TOP%\lib\ oracle.apps.mwa.awt.client.StartGUI

5) Whenever you run this batch file, you must be able to see the GUI client for MWA

The loging screen will like below.

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