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All about DataInstaller & Hrglobal.drv in Oracle Applications

All about DataInstaller & Hrglobal.drv in Oracle Applications

This posts covers what is datainstaller & hrglobal.drv and when do we need to run them.

DataInstaller and hrglobal.drv are used for installing legislative data into Oracle Applications,For example a company operates in multiple counntries and payroll and HR practices are different in each countires, So they need to have all the legislative regulations (Taxation and HR rules and regulations) of the all the countries they run their business.

To achive this Oracle provides a set of patches, which need to applied to the Oracle applications.

These patches are country specific, The patch matrix can be found from Latest Oracle HRMS Legislative Data Patch Available (HR Global / hrglobal) [ID 145837.1]

To Install the legislative data please follow the below 4 steps:

1) PER & PAY modules need to be licenced ( This is madantory requirement)

2) Identify the patches & apply them based on your requirement from the Note:  145837.1
(Check the countires you need legislations and versions of the Applications)

3)After applying the patches run the datainstaller

Datainstaller is java command which will launch a interface to choose the set of legislation you require.

Always Install Global along with the country legislation you install.

Ex: If you wish to install US  legislations , Install Global and US.

You can install either payroll or hr for the the specific country your require or you can choose both.

The command line for the Data Install program is as follows:

Always run the datainstaller command from Middle Tier (Not from DB node) command line (VNC not needed)

java oracle.apps.per.DataInstall apps <apps_pwd> thin <db Hostname>:<db port>:<Db SID>

java oracle.apps.per.DataInstall apps apps thin

You will see a screen like below:

DataInstall Main Menu

1. Select legislative data to install/upgrade
2. Select college data to install/upgrade
3. Select JIT/Geocode or OTL to install/upgrade
4. Exit to confirmation menu

Enter your choice : 1

For more details on how to run Data Installer and hrglobal.drv Please check NOTE ID 140511.1

4)The last step in this process is to apply the hrglobal.drv

hrglobal.drv is patch driver file located in $PER_TOP/patch/115/driver, Apply it using
adpatch to populate the legislative data into the required HR tables in the database.

hglobal.drv can be applied as hotpatch.

adpatch driver=$PER_TOP/patch/115/driver/hrglobal.drv logfile=hrglobal.drv.log options=hotpatch <optional>


Q) Do we need to run the datainstaller and hrglobal.drv every time we apply a HRMS patch?

A) No, Not needed, You need to run datainstaller when ever you apply the HRMS RUP patches or Upgrade Oracle Apps or Upgrade HRMS module.

In the above cases you need re0check the patch matrix and apply the nessesaty paches and run datinstaller & hrglobal.drv.

If any patch explicitely says you to run the datainstaller & hrglobal.drv you need to run them

Basically for regular HRMS patching (one-offs and Mini) you no need to run the datainstaller.

Sometimes you may need to apply hrglobal.drv and you may not needed datainstaller (when there is no change in the legislative selection)


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    You could use this direct script,

    $ADJVAPRG oracle.apps.per.DataInstall apps apps thin install=global,perus,payus

    No need "You will see a screen like below:
    DataInstall Main Menu "


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