Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How does workflow Notification Mailer IMAP (Inbound Processing) Works

How does workflow Notification Mailer IMAP (Inbound Processing) Works:

This is the inbound flow:

1. Approver sends email response which is directed to the value defined in Replyto address.
a. This address has been setup by the customer's mail administrator to route incoming mail to the IMAP Inbox folder.
2. The Workflow Inbound Agent Listener picks up the message. Only messages which are in ‘unread’ state are evaluated; the rest of the messages in the inbox are ignored.

3. The message is scanned to see if it matches entries in the TAG file . Mail tags are defined in the OAM mailer configuration pages and these list strings of text and actions to take if those strings are encountered. An example of this are 'Out of Office' replies. If the string of the message matches a mail tag and the action is 'Ignore' then nothing else will happen.

4. The message is then scanned for the presence of a Notification Id (NID). This NID is matched against valid NID for the mailer node.

5. If valid NID is not detected, (and there is no matching TAG file entry) then the message is placed into the DISCARD folder.

6. If a valid NID is detected the listener raises a subscription to the WF_NOTIFICATION_IN queue and places the mail message in the Processed folder.

7. From this point on the message is handled by the product workflow (like PO APPROVAL) . An event created by that group will monitor the WF_NOTIFICATION_IN queue and will trigger the rest of the approval workflow.

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