Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oracle Business Intellegence Analytics Installation on Linux Steps

Oracle Business Intellegence Analytics Installation on Linux Steps

OBIA works with in combination of the OBIEE,Informatica and DAC.

The below versions of the components were used to complete the OBIA Installation and Setup.

OBIEE 11g -
Informatica - 9.0.1
Oracle DW Database - 11GR2
Oracle Database Client - 11GR2

Installation of the Server components has been done on Linux server and the Client components was done on Windows server.

Please find the below high level steps of the installation.


Server Installation on Linux

1)Install the Database 11GR2 (In multinode architecture this should be done on Database node)

2)Create the schemas & objects required for OBIEE using RCU (Repository creation utility

3)Install OBIEE 11G and which will also install weblogic

4)Install Informatica server 9.0.1 on Linux

5)Install DAC server on Linux

6)Install Oracle database 11GR2 Client software (in case of DB is in different node)

Client  Installation on Windows

1)Install OBIEE 11G on Client windows machine (use OBIEE windows software

2)Install OBIA on top of the OBIEE installation

3)Install DAC & Informatica client on the windows machine

4)Install OBIEE client tool.

Server Setup & Configuration:

1) Copy the rdp and catalog presentation layer components fron biapps directory to server OBIEE

2) Copy DAC metadata related files to DAC client to DAC server

3) Setup DAC server using script

4) Create DAC connection and create the DAC DataWare house tables

6) Copy information source and config files from windows to linux server

How does workflow Notification Mailer IMAP (Inbound Processing) Works

How does workflow Notification Mailer IMAP (Inbound Processing) Works:

This is the inbound flow:

1. Approver sends email response which is directed to the value defined in Replyto address.
a. This address has been setup by the customer's mail administrator to route incoming mail to the IMAP Inbox folder.
2. The Workflow Inbound Agent Listener picks up the message. Only messages which are in ‘unread’ state are evaluated; the rest of the messages in the inbox are ignored.

3. The message is scanned to see if it matches entries in the TAG file . Mail tags are defined in the OAM mailer configuration pages and these list strings of text and actions to take if those strings are encountered. An example of this are 'Out of Office' replies. If the string of the message matches a mail tag and the action is 'Ignore' then nothing else will happen.

4. The message is then scanned for the presence of a Notification Id (NID). This NID is matched against valid NID for the mailer node.

5. If valid NID is not detected, (and there is no matching TAG file entry) then the message is placed into the DISCARD folder.

6. If a valid NID is detected the listener raises a subscription to the WF_NOTIFICATION_IN queue and places the mail message in the Processed folder.

7. From this point on the message is handled by the product workflow (like PO APPROVAL) . An event created by that group will monitor the WF_NOTIFICATION_IN queue and will trigger the rest of the approval workflow.

k BAD Command received in Invalid state

Workflow Notification Configuration Issue:

Have come across the below issue during the mailer setup using microsoft exchange server:

$ telnet hostname.domain imap
Connected to hostname.domain .
Escape character is '^]'.
* OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 IMAP4 service ready
k login wfuser wfpassword
k BAD Command received in Invalid state.


Perform the following steps:
1. Oracle Application Manager (OAM)
2. Workflow - Service Components
3. Select Workflow Notification Mailer and click on Edit button
4. Check "Inbound SSL Enabled"
This will allow mailer to use the SSL port 993 of the IMAP server and fix the "Command received in Invalid state" error.