Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fusion Application Installation - Part 1

Fusion Applications 11.1.6 Installation Hardware Sizing:

Fusion applications has below modules:


You can install on single node or Multinode, But the memory requirement should match.

Ideally, suggested to install minimum on two nodes, where IDM and IDM database on one node and Fusion Applications and Database on another Node.

Note: The below is NOT official Oracle documentation - this is a rough  calculation for a Fusion Applications installation, For actual customer implementation contact Oracle support to get the sizing info.

Hard Disk:
Harddisk size can be of 500GB for initial installation, Later based on the transactions volume need to add as required.

Fusion Applications is memory intensive applications as there will be many managed and Admin servers for each Module.

Each module requires specific amount memory to be able to successfully install and run the FA.

The below outlines the memory requirement for each module. 

If you are planning to Install:

only SCM   - 80GB of RAM required
only HCM   - 70GB of RAM required
HCM+IC     - 80GB of RAM required
CRM     - 80GB of RAM required
CRM+IC     - 90GB of RAM required
Finance+SCM+HCM - 125 GB of RAM required

Note: FA DB,IDM and IDM DB is not included in the above. Additional memory required for them

If you are planning to Install Complete Fusion Applications Modules:

For All the Modules of Fusion Applications - 150 GB RAM is Required

Below are commonly required RAM sizes irrespective of the modules installed.

Fusion Applications DB  - 15 GB RAM is Required
IDM Applications           - 20 GB RAM is Required
IDM Database                - 10 GB RAM is Required

Watch this space for installation Pre-requisites to Install on Linux and procedure of Fusion Applications.

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